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The Importance of a Website

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The Importance of a Website

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Website’s today are as much a requirement for your business as having your name registered with the state. Gone are the days of simply having a storefront and business cards. The younger generations, who do and will continue to make up much of company’s business today are finding and communicating online for virtually everything.

There are different purposes to having a website. Some allow businesses to accomplish internal tasks, and other’s are what allow them to communicate with the outside community. They connect every aspect of information to key parts of your business. Even having a simple brochure website can make the difference between someone finding you, or that same person deciding they liked your design better than the competition’s.

I think something that often scares people when thinking about getting a website is that it’s expensive, or they lack the technical skills to get one up and running. The great news is that neither fear is correct. Websites, thanks to intense competition and being more mature than even 5 years ago, are very much affordable. And you don’t even need to know a single thing about programming to get one started.

A website shows the world that you’re serious. You have made an effort to connect with your customer’s and have given them what they needed to make the first steps in the buying decision making process. I personally will research for several days before I make a purchase. I like to google stuff like “[some product] near me” and Google will show shopping results and available products in stores I can get to within minutes. If you aren’t listing your products and I find it at a competitor’s shop I’m going to go to the competition. Why? Because it was simple. The less we put in the way of a customer getting to our product or service the more likely they are to shop with us.

If you can’t be found online, no phone number, no email, no contact form, you’re seriously harming your business. Think of your online presence (websites, social media accounts, emails) as an ever evolving billboard that can be seen 24/7 by people glued to their phones. They’re looking for your products and services, why not make it easy for them to find you?

If you are curious how you can get started with a website and an online presence we are excited to connect with you. Consultation and questions are always free and we’re here to help. We look forward to working with you!